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LEWISTON - A couple of travelers are reaching out to Northern Idaho 's Jewish community.

They're calling it Judaism in a suitcase. Two Chabad Labavitch rabbis are roaming northern Idaho , an area that doesn't usually see many men of their faith.

"They're not used to seeing a Jew with a hat and a beard, and with the different Mitzvahs that we have," said Yitzchok Steiner. "They're very surprised and they're very happy."

They say their goal is not to convert people to Judaism, but to make sure people who are Jewish, are proud that they are.

"Obviously the religious needs of the local community, services and any of the other Jewish traditions," said Levi Slonim. "Also, social and any humanitarian aid we may give them."

"Questions about belief, struggles that they might have," said Steiner. "Things that they need to speak to a rabbi for, and that's what we're here for.'

Slonim and Steiner aren't just two Rabbis on a mission. They are part of a worldwide program of over 250 rabbinical students. Slonim said it's a program that works.

"They would come for many years to Idaho , and it would come to the point where people say 'Hey, why don't we get a full-time rabbi?'" said Slonim.

They are carrying information and literature in what they call their traveling Resource Center, information they are more than willing to hand out. And they say it seems like they make a difference in Northern Idaho 's quiet Jewish Community.

"I just met with someone a few days ago, and the next day I got a call from this woman," said Slonim. "She just wanted to make sure I got back to my destination safely. She said how thankful she was that we came and visited her, and she really appreciated it."

"They're very happy, very satisfied, some of them cry when they see us," said Steiner. 

Slonim and Steiner are making ten stops in Northern Idaho through August 13. If you want to meet with them, you can call (607) 206-6443, or go to