Boise, Idaho is home to a small, flourishing Jewish community. We moved to Idaho in 2004 to build a Torah-based community. As the most geographically isolated urban area in the Continental USA, the challenge was great; the opportunity even greater.

One major piece of the puzzle is still missing. A mikvah.

Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho has recently purchased a building. Now our dream and goal is closer to reality. But, we need your help.

Our goal is to spiritually enrich our community with purity by constructing a state-of-the-art mikvah where every Jewish woman will feel welcome, comfortable and encouraged to attend. We invite you to join us in building our new mikvah facility.

Through this project, we endeavor to revive an awareness of the extraordinary importance of the mikvah, and its tremendous, holy impact on marriages and families. With the nearest mikvah five hours away, it is imperative that we provide women the opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah locally. We will also be including a separate preparation room for disabled persons.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $1,250,000. We have completed the architectural design and have received building permits. We are currently under construction! Mikvah completion is projected for fall of 2023.

We are thankful to Almighty G‑d for giving us the opportunity to take part in this momentous project that will bring holiness to our community and visitors just as it has throughout the generations.

We thank you in advance for partnering with us! May this merit bring you blessings in all matters!

Rabbi Mendel & Esther Lifshitz 

Baruch Hashem we recently completed construction of the mikvah! Donations are still being accepted to cover construction costs.

The mikvah is available for use by appointment only. To make an appointment to use the mikvah, please contact Rebbetzin Esther Lifshitz.