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  • Chai ClubThe Chai Club is comprised of individuals committed to the financial support of Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho. Monthly donations in add up and make a great difference!Read More
  • The Human Traffic SignHe was standing at the entrance of the strip mall, his front and back covered by identical...Read More
  • High Heels and High HolidaysDuring services today my three year old daughter ran into the Shul, parading in my wife's high...Read More
  • An Impromptu Russian Bar Mitzvah - in MichiganRead More
  • Positive ProphecyBeing a positive prophet; remaining optimistic in the wake of Hurricane KatrinaRead More
  • I'm Scared of Going to Hell...Will I go there simply because I don't observe the Shabbat, Jewish holidays, or the laws of...Read More
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Rabbi's Blog: posted on Aug 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Talmud records a debate between the Roman governor Turnusrufus and the great Sage Rabbi Akiva:

Turnusrufus asked Rabbi Akiva: "If your G-d...

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Rabbi's Blog: posted on Aug 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

While camping this week in the Sawtooth wilderness, I woke up and davened. It was surreal to put on tallis and tefillin surrounded by the jagged, majestic Sawtooth Mountains and...

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Rabbi's Blog: posted on Aug 8, 2014 | 0 Comments

When Rabbi Akiva was taken out for execution, it was the time for the recital of Shema, and while they combed his flesh with iron combs, he was accepting upon himself the kingship...

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