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  • Rosh HashanahJoin us for a delicious Rosh Hashana dinner with delicious, traditional fare and a welcoming environment.Read More
  • Shofar FactoryLearn how a real shofar is made! Fun and educational for all ages!More info
  • Chabad TimesIdaho's only Jewish magazine, THE CHABAD TIMES, is printed 5 times a year and is distributed free of charge. Check out the latest issue.Current Issue
  • Tanya ClassMonday evenings at 7:00, starting January 12! Explore the deeper meaning of life.The afterlife, souls, intimacy, piety, prayer, love, depression, inner struggle and more!More Info
  • Chai ClubThe Chai Club is comprised of individuals committed to the financial support of Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho. Monthly donations in add up and make a great difference!Read More
  • Starting Early Sunday Morning: SelichotSeveral days before Rosh Hashanah we begin to recite the Selichot, a series of penitential prayers...Read More
  • Learn the Parshah in DepthCommentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.Read More
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Rabbi's Blog posted on Aug 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
One of my assignments as a rabbinic intern in South Africa was to visit businesspeople on Friday afternoons. In typical Chabad fashion, I went with a colleague searching for Jews....
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Rabbi's Blog posted on Aug 20, 2015 | 0 Comments
Surrender of self or self-assertion? Which of these are the proper pathway? Does G-d want me to completely submit to His authority? Or does He...
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Rabbi's Blog posted on Aug 14, 2015 | 0 Comments
Instead of providing signs to determine which birds are kosher, the Torah offers a list of nonkosher birds. All others are kosher. (In practice, Jews only eat birds that we are...
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