Boise Jewish Preschool


Our curriculum is all about S.P.I.C.E.S., the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual development of your child.


How do we cater to all these areas of development day in and day out? We follow a daily schedule that creates a balance of activities and we base our instructional strategy on the famous Jewish adage of “Chanoch Le’nar Al Pi Darko” - “Educate the child according to his way.” His way is best explained by the following motto:


Tell Me I forget

Show Me I remember

Involve Me I understand


At Boise Jewish Preschool, we will not merely Tell your child or Show your child. We will actively Involve your child in every aspect of his/her education. This is why you will not find us just telling your child about ABCs, shapes, colors, apples & honey, the Shofar, or the Aleph Bet. Nor will you find us just showing any of the above. Rather you will see your child involved in manipulating, transforming objects to make real-life connections rather than memorizing facts she may quickly forget. Your child will be engaging in tactile and visual discrimination activities to differentiate letters and shapes, discovering bees making honey, and feeling horns on ram’s head.


Our curriculum strives to create a balance between the Jewish calendar and the everyday lives and interests of the children. It is therefore designed around common monthly themes that web concepts from our Torah, values curriculum, and holidays and explore them in the various disciplines of art, math, science, reading, listening, music, and drama.


Our curriculum offers a good balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. We believe that when this balance is struck and when the various areas of the curriculum are truly developmentally appropriate, then children can begin the process of building a  strong enthusiasm for learning, a love for being Jewish and the deep foundation for a positive Jewish identity which will serve them throughout their lives.


The goals of our curriculum include the development of fundamental skills including:

·                               Auditory Discrimination skills

·                    Listening Comprehension

·                    Following directions

·                    Predicting

·                    Comparing & Contrasting

·                    Visual Memory

·                    Patterning Skills

·                    Problem-Solving skills

·                    Seriation skills

·                    Shape Recognition skills

·                    Alef Bet (in order)

·                    Alphabet (in order)

·                    Print Concepts

·                    Writing

·                    Numbers (0-12)

·                    One to One correspondence

·                    Classification skills

·                    Color Recognition

·                    Small Motor Skills

·                    Large Motor Skills

·                    Eye-hand Coordination

·                    Self-concept

·                    Dramatic Play

·                    Cause & Effect

·                    Self-help Skills

·                    Language

·                    Emergent Literacy

·                    Photographical Awareness

·                    Counting

·                    Sorting

·                    Sequencing

·                    Positional Concepts

·                    Graphing

·                    Classifying

·                    Shapes

·                    Colors

·                    Science

·                    Experimenting

·                    Independent Thinking

·                    Small/Large muscle control

·                    Socialization

·                    Creative Expression