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Rabbi Mendel,

Thank you very much for all you did to help me & keep helping the Jewish kids at Cherry Gulch.
If I do get to wear my own Tefillin in the future, I will sure send you pictures.

I wish you and your family a great & healthy life.


Dear Rabbi Mendel:

I want to thank you for the time you spend with J. on his Jewish studies and the way you have been exposing him to Judaism and the Holidays. It is very touching to see you at the school working with the boys and how obvious it is to me that you care very much!

J. is far away from Florida and, because of my limited time with him, I am not able to take him to services and expose him to the sort of things you are doing.

Please accept the enclosed check a a token of my appreciation.

All the best,



Thank you! Your note and photos mean a lot to me. I am very proud of J. for taking the initative to meet with you and sticking with it. I know learning Hebrew is not easy for him and one which was a source of conflict in our house before Cherry Gulch. I am greatful for having found a place like Cherry Gulch that has surrounded my son with people, like yourself, that can empower him to take a change to succeed. I will try to reach out to you in the next few days and hope that the next time I visit school, we can have the opportunity to meet.

Thank you.


I don’t have words for what I feel when I see those pictures. V. is a great kid and with something to believe in and a goal he does really well.


Hey, Rabbi,

I really appreciate your email.  I am currently at a boarding school in Rhode Island called Middlebridge.  It's about 2 1/2 hours from my house.  C. Z. also went here. I might come  up to Cherry Gulch for winter alumni but its not for a few months and im not 100% sure yet. But if i do go  i will let you know and hopefully i can see you. Shana tova to you and your family.

Speak to you soon,


Thank you very much for all you did to help me & keep helping the Jewish kids at Cherry Gulch.