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Mrs. Esther Lifshitz was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She loved drama and the outdoors as a child, but always dreamed of helping her fellow Jews.

She left South Africa at sixteen to study in Chicago.

Esther graduated from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey and the Teachers Seminary in Melbourne, Australia with a special emphasis in early childhood development.

She served as a preschool and elementary school teacher for five years in Prague and New York. Esther has been on outreach assignments throughout the USA and in Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, and Ukraine.

She met her husband, Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz, in New York.

They have five sons and six daughters: Dovid Tzvi, Shneur Zalman (Zali), Mushka, Aryeh Laib (Ari), Moshe Gavriel, Chava Devorah (Chavi), Shaina, Rivka (Rikki), Laya, Menucha Rochel and Levi.

Rabbi & Mrs. Lifshitz moved to Boise in April 2004 to establish Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho and the Chabad Jewish Center.

Since its establishment Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho has been instrumental in molding the landscape of Jewish life in Idaho. Rabbi & Mrs. Lifshitz serve as mentors and leaders to countless Jews and non-Jews throughout Idaho. 


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