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At the Threshold

Friday, 30 March, 2018 - 1:15 pm

As we are at the threshold of Passover, I am reminded of the threshold that the Jewish people stood at 3330 years ago tonight.

The festival of Pesach derives its name from that momentous night when G-d passed over the homes of the Jewish people. By skipping the Jews, Hashem spared them and then delivered them from Egyptian bondage.

But, prior to that, Hashem insisted that the Jews mark their doorposts with the blood of the Pesach offering. Ostensibly, this was to differentiate between Jewish homes and Egyptian homes. But, Almighty G-d certainly doesn’t need a physical marker to know where the Jewish people reside! So, why the sign on the doorposts.

As the Jews found themselves on the eve of liberation, they were confronted with an essential choice. Do we want to be free people or remain slaves? Do we want to break free from our limitations?

Sometimes the door can be wide open, our path to freedom unobstructed – and yet we still fail to break free. We stand at the threshold and are frozen, afraid to leave the comfortable confines of the life we are accustomed to.

Exile is not only defined by cruel dictators and harsh tyrants. Without a single anti-Semite in the world, we can still be stuck in inner turmoil and stagnation. We can be the victims of our own exile.

At the moment of our first redemption G-d demanded that the Jewish people mark their doorposts. Perhaps G-d wanted it to sink in that true freedom is really a state of mind. It really depends on our own courage and commitment to simply cross the threshold. The moment we cross the threshold between captivity, oppression and unproductivity to liberty, growth and revitalization – we have already accomplished redemption.

May this Pesach bring us the courage to cross the threshold and achieve personal liberation from our inner struggles – the Egypt within. And, may we collectively cross the threshold into the true redemption with the coming of Moshiach.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

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