Lip Service?

Friday, 19 August, 2022 - 8:05 am

Unfortunately, we have been witness in the last months to war and provocation. Fears persist over possible nuclear disasters, exacerbated by the fog of war. Fighter jets over the Taiwan Strait and space malfunctions are other recents concerns.

One thing is certain: We are skating on the edge. One press of a button, or one small shift and a lot of damage can be done.


In this week’s parsha Eikev we learn about the mitzvah to pray to G-d. Actually, the Torah merely states, “To love G-d your G-d and to serve Him with all your heart.” The Talmud explains that this is prayer.

Isn’t it ironic that what the Torah considers a ‘service of the heart’ is essentially a ritual many perceive as a matter of rote? We recite the same liturgy year in, year out, week in, week out and day in, day out. How can this be a service of the heart?


Sadly, recent events display that minor – even unintentional – errors can produce tremendous destruction and loss of life.

Regardless of the exact cause, we already have considerable food for thought:

We are gravely concerned about how politicians, operators and generals conduct themselves. A slight maneuver one way or another can be the difference between life and death.

Perhaps, more thought – err I mean to say heart – can avoid disaster.

Each “i” must be dotted properly and each “t” must be crossed accurately.  Again, more thoughtful – that is heartfelt – attention to the details can literally save lives.

It’s the synthesis of technicality and feelings that bring about the desired outcomes.


Prayer may be about the “i”s and “t”s. But it sure better be with lots of heart.

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