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Where is Casey Anthony?

Thursday, 28 July, 2011 - 4:00 pm

The media is still speculating on the whereabouts of Casey Anthony who was recently acquitted of first-degree murder charges relating to the tragic death of her daughter Caylee. The court case garnered the attention of the American public for many months. And then it garnered the wrath of the American public. Many people are outraged at the perceived miscarriage of justice, wondering how a little girl could die without anyone being held responsible.

We may never know how Caylee Anthony died. And we may never know whether her mother is a cold-blooded murderer or an unfortunate psychopath. But we do see how the American public reacts to a tragedy. Tthe outrage of the American public is not necessarily properly directed (at the jury and our imperfect system of justice) – but it is well-placed. When a person is killed or dies a tragic death, it reveals something fundamentally flawed in our civilization.  And society should not tolerate that in its midst.


This may be the deeper understanding of “cities of refuge” that are designated in this week’s parsha of Masei. The cities of refuge served as havens for unintentional killers (as opposed to intentional murderers, who were punished accordingly). Many pages have been dedicated to explaining why an otherwise good person who is in the wrong place at the wrong time is deserving of exile as punishment. But I want to focus on another aspect of the cities of refuge. In addition to meeting the spiritual needs of the inadvertent killer, the cities serve a purpose to society at large.

Imagine a society where death and tragedy were regarded as cavalier. Such a society may not mind the presence of death and reminders of death on its streets. The society that is repulsed by murder, death and tragedy is one that relegates them to exile.


The outrage and pain displayed upon the heartbreaking news of Leiby Kletzky’s murder and the indignation at the unanswered questions in Caylee Anthony’s death are positive signs of a healthy society.

We may have turned the courtroom into a soap opera. But at least we remember that ultimately this is about the value of life.

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