No Words

Friday, 13 October, 2023 - 8:20 am

I don’t have words to write today.

Every Jew’s heart has been aching. More than we knew we could handle.

As this difficult week comes to a close, I remember that we are reading Parshat Bereishit this week. The first parsha. The story of Genesis – beginning. The act of Creation.

We have completed the Torah and we are starting anew.

The exact path of the current situation that our brothers and sisters in the Holy land are experiencing, is unclear.

But, this parsha gives me a boost of faith and hope in a time of unjust cruelty, atrocities, and suffering. It reminds me that there is a new beginning ahead. I cannot understand the how and when, but I sense that we, the eternal people, will recover and prevail.

I recount the countless Jews over the generations that could have thrown in the towel after expulsions, the destruction of two Holy Temples, pogroms, fires at the stake, the Holocaust, wars, and much, much more.

But, no! They did not give up. Nor did they devolve into endless depression. They stood with remarkable, superhuman courage and declared, “Am Yisrael Chai! And “Ani Maamin!”

We will humbly, but passionately and resolutely, follow in their path.

And, we will be prevail as Am Hanetzach.

Am Yisrael Chai.


PS I have been inundated with phone calls for the last few days. Ninety percent are from non-Jews calling to offer their support (many of whom left messages that I simply have, regretfully, not had time to respond to yet). I am deeply touched and grateful. It helps me realize that there is light in this world. That we are not alone. Thank you.

Comments on: No Words

Edward Sloan wrote...

I have been to Israel 3 times and have taken 96 Christian pilgrims to tour the Holy Lands, This is such a sad terrorist attack and I hope you can get rid of Hamas totally. I pray for the families and for the IDF. I was at the Grand Synagogue in Jerusalem in May of this year, beautiful experience.

I have another tour planned to Israel In May 24 so hopefully peace will have returned by then!

God knows Best!

Matthew Zoma wrote...

May God protect the people of Israel and may peace engulf the middle east.