Our Birthday

Friday, 15 September, 2023 - 8:12 am

Judaism teaches us that birthdays are special.

There are many important customs that we observe on birthdays, such as beginning to recite a new chapter of Tehillim (Psalms) corresponding to our age.

Birthdays are not a time to merely revel in the gifts and fun of parties.

Rather, a birthday is a celebratory, yet introspective time. It’s a time to celebrate me. Because I matter. G-d does not many any junk. If I exist, I am irreplaceable and I am critical to the world order. My birthday is G-d’s vote of confidence in me. Now, that’s worthy of a L’Chaim.

But, it’s also a time to reflect. If I am so valuable to the Almighty, how am I performing? Am I living up to my expectations. Am I living up to His expectations?

Birthdays are an opportunity to take stock of where we stand in our mission and purpose here on earth.

Tonight, in a sense, we mark the birthday of each of us.

Rosh Hashanah marks the anniversary of the creation of mankind. From Adam and Chava onward, this date marks a complete annual cycle of humanity’s existence.

It’s a time to celebrate our unique and individual role on earth.

And, it’s a time to rethink how we stack up to the important role we each play.

May Almighty G-d grant us the biggest birthday gift possible, with the ushering in of the Messianic era, a time of peace and spiritual prosperity for all of mankind.

Shana Tova!

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