The Best IPO

Friday, 10 June, 2022 - 9:10 pm

Wall Street has had a rocky year. Tech companies sit at the top of the devastated list of battered firms.

Are we in for another tech bubble – and burst?

Ultimately, what causes investor interest in a company that has yet to display significant earnings is the potential to connect people in a new and profound way. In other words, this could be the next big thing. And if it is, let’s get in on it now because soon it will be making tons of money.

Inventors of these new social media ideas, like Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are heralded as geniuses that can foresee fundamental methods of connectivity and creating community.

The truth, however, is that they are not really so new.  They may have invented the technical tools for such interaction, but we have possessed the inherent tools for quite some time.

The social network I’m speaking of has the potential to profit more than billions. It can change the world permanently. It can eradicate hunger, bring global peace and cross the bridges of social culture.

At Sinai 3334 years ago G-d entered into a contract with the Jewish people that would change the world forever. This original IPO gave us humans the tools for the broadest and deepest potential. Because it is the genius of G-d – not humans – its value is priceless.  The notion that we are not simply individuals or “friends” – but an interconnected family with a shared responsibility – is the true social revolution.

This week’s parsha Naso insists that each person is to be counted. Everyone is part of the social fabric. Because every person is part of the Divine mission for this world.

The brilliant benefit of this ancient IPO is that it costs no money to invest in it.

Its success, however, depends on each person’s investment.

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