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Rabbi Mendel's blog features his Dvar Torah (Torah lesson) column from the weekly E-TORAH, ocassional musings and other articles that he authors from time to time.
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You Are What You Wear?

I once received a phone call from a family I did not know. The father was deathly ill and they wanted a rabbi to visit him in the hospital. I rushed over, recited a prayer for recovery and the final prayers.  I offered my support, wished them well and told them to call me any time of day or night if there was a need or if the situation worsened.

The next day I was informed that their father had passed.  I inquired whether arrangements had been made. “Yes,” I was told. We have a funeral home taking care of it.  I asked about a Jewish burial. There was none planned. “Rabbi, we are so grateful for your support in our time of need.  Please tell us how we can give our father and husband the proper Jewish ri… Read More »

G-d’s Housing Crisis

Homelessness is rampant in America’s major cities.  We can debate the core cause of homelessness, but all would agree that not having a home causes further instability.

The fortunately housed amongst us also spend time outside the home. Whether we travel for business or pleasure, we sometimes need to stay in temporary housing. It may be five-star or one-star, but it’s not home. It may be fun, different, or pampered – but it lacks the comfort and familiarity of our own dwelling.

What if you had a home wherever you went? What if you had multiple homes or places to stay whenever you wanted? Would you still have that benefit and secure feeling of ‘home’?


In the parsha of Terumah that we read this week, G… Read More »

The Greatest Audience

Seven million dollars.

That’s the average cost for a 30-second advertising spot for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Despite recent concerns that an ad may tank a company, there is no shortage of advertisers.

(Do people still watch the game, or do they just skip to the commercials?)

Contrast this astronomical price tag to an infomercial on a local TV station at 3:00 am.  It’s virtually free.

The clear lesson is that the value of (advertising) time clearly depends on the audience.  At 3:00 am nobody can justify spending millions on a commercial.  But the chance to promote your merchandise or company to what may be the most watched televised event in history is a different story altogether.  Production costs asid… Read More »

The Oral Tradition

As Rebbetzin Esther enjoys a well-deserved week in New York at the annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, I am privileged to up my game on the home front.

As I filled in for my children’s best Morah (Mommy!), my daughter reminded me, “That’s not the way Mommy does it.” From morning prayers to preparing lunch, I have very big shoes to fill. More importantly, doing it Mommy’s way is sacred!

(And, of course it reminds me how lucky I am. Amongst Shluchim, this week has been nicknamed Shluchos Appreciation Week).

What is it about the motherly touch that is so meaningful to children? Why is a mother-father dynamic so important to the family unit?


In this week’s parsha Yitro the J… Read More »

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