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Gratitude for the Future

 As Americans are putting away their dishes from Thanksgiving dinner, Jews are getting ready to usher in Shabbat, a weekly time of thanksgiving.

At this moment, thankfulness is not an easy task for Jews.

Yet, today we received a small sliver of gratitude to Almighty G-d. Our hearts are bursting with joy for the hostages that have been released from terrorist captivity. We can only imagine the glee their families will experience as they are reunited.

But, the situation is still very complex. Thousand are mourning the loss of loved ones, all due to the barbaric acts of terrorists. It’s unclear what the future holds – for the rest of the hostages and for our brethren in the Holy Land. And, for Jews worldwide.

Let’s t… Read More »

Terror vs. Torah

The bodies were still fresh from a terrorist assault in Israel when the condemnation of Israel began from the usual suspects.  In Israel, a united country braces for what lies ahead.  The Jewish people do not seek war.  This was brought upon the people of Israel again and again and again.

As we pray and hope for peace in the Holy Land, many have suggested that Israel’s response to free the hostages and end the terror should be limited to diplomatic efforts and praying.

Is that the Jewish response?


In this week’s Prasha of Toldot, we read about twin brothers Yaakov (Jacob) and Eisav (Esau).  Yaakov is the Torah scholar and Esau the hunter.  Their father, Yitzchak, was concerned about his demise and … Read More »

More Alive Than Ever

Wounded, but more alive than we have ever been.

That's what I felt when visiting our brothers and sisters in Israel the last few days.

At the Sheba Medical Center, I listened to the stories of dozens of injured soldiers. Some were wounded on October 7th. Others were wounded in Gaza. Others witnessed their friends murdered in front of their eyes. Others were forced to kill terrorists. And, others could not describe the atrocities they saw.

But, what I learned in my quick visit is that all of them were burning with a sense of pride, purpose and spirit that is simply indescribable. Despite their wounds they were eager to heal so they could help their country again.

I have never seen Israel so absolutely united. Wherever I went we were all … Read More »

See Something, Do Something

I am fielding lots of calls these days. Some are from people seeking to support us and to support the people in Israel. Others are seeking reassurance and support themselves.

And, others are asking me for advice on how to solve the problems in the Middle East and prevent the like of October 7.

To be honest, these are my least favorite questions. First of all, I don’t have all the answers. Second of all – let’s take a peak at this week’s Parsha.


When 99-year-old Avraham is recovering from circumcision he sees three men passing by. The Torah states, “And he lifted his eyes and saw, and behold, three men were standing beside him, and he saw and he ran toward them.”

Why does the Torah state twice that … Read More »

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