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Role Playing

Rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl often traveled to collect money for a fund for pidyan shvuyim (redeeming Jewish prisoners). While traveling through the city of Zhitomir on one occasion, local authorities imprisoned him for his “criminal” work.

One day an elderly woman wrapped in a shawl appeared near his cell and began to speak: “G‑d tested Abraham by instructing him: ‘Go forth (lech lecha) from your land, and from your birthplace, and from your father's house,’ promising that this would ultimately benefit him. But what kind of benefit can come from leaving everything one has? I don't understand.”

Rabbi Nachum, who realized that this woman wasn't an ordinary person, remained silent.

She continued, answering … Read More »


I know a principal of a high school who told me that he always waits at least one full day before administering serious punishment to misbehaving students.  That way, he explained, I know I am not acting out of angry impulse, but from measured discipline.

When I read this week’s Torah portion, Noach, and remembered that G-d asked Noach to build the ark to prepare for the flood, I learned a great lesson in patience.

G-d was angry with the behavior of mankind. He wished to destroy the world. He decided that He would spare Noach and his family, but the rest would perish.

Yet G-d does not mete out His plan for another 120 years! Yes, G-d waits one hundred twenty years before the flood actually begins.  Certainly, G-d need not… Read More »

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