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Between Joy and Frivolity

I was recently asked what is the big deal about joy on Purim? Yes, it’s a festive occasion and yes, Chabad knows how to throw a party and celebrate. But doesn’t everybody have opportunities like this? Can the joy of Purim really rival a competitive Boise State Broncos football victory? Was not the local celebration of the 2006 Fiesta Bowl greater than any Purim celebration? How is the Purim joy more special, earning it the title as the most joyous day of the year?


This week’s parsha Tetzaveh is unique amongst all the portions of the Torah.  Once we are introduced to the leader of the Jewish people in Exodus, no parsha – apart from this one – is missing mention of Moshe. Our Sages teach us t… Read More »

On Horses and Meat

A colleague of mine penned this article about the recent horsemeat scandal in the UK. I thought it was worthy of sharing.


by Rabbi Michoel Green, Chabad of Westborough, MA 

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

But what's in your hamburger? Or should I say, "horse-burger?"

No, I'm not horsing around. Google "UK horsemeat scandal" for a plethora of
recent news items.

Horsemeat has somehow entered the European food supply chain and has been
fraudulently labeled as beef. From the British Isles to Poland, Spain to
Scandinavia, Europe is reeling from shock and disgust over widespread
equine consumption. Horsemeat has been found in a variety of food products,
including lasagna and TV dinners. I… Read More »

G-d’s Housing Crisis

Over the last handful of years America has undergone a housing metamorphosis. Due to the real estate bubble and subsequent housing crash, many people look at a home differently. Before, people may have considered homes as tools for financial success – or at least safety nets from financial ruin.

Now, more than ever, a home has become what it was once meant to be – a home. Home is the place we can call our own. Home is the place we come back to after traveling. Home is the place for family. Home is the place for tranquility and refuge from the chaos around us.

Someone was recently describing to me the turmoil of growing up as a military brat, constantly moving from one location to another, not knowing exactly where and what to … Read More »

Little by Little

Sadly, many people who achieve greatness don’t know what to do with it. How many celebrities’ lives have spiraled into self-destruction after becoming famous? How many lottery winners are facing financial struggles just a short while later?

The truth is that we all face the same problem. We may not have the magnified burdens of rock stars or the headline-making news of actors, but we still face the challenge of living up to the changes that occur in our lives. In fact, often these changes are good, productive strides ahead. And, nonetheless, we may struggle with our newly accomplished goals. For one person it may be the new “me” that I discover after a rigorous weight-loss diet. For another it may be the t… Read More »

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