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Nowadays a therapy exists for every challenge. For this there is yoga and for that there is a new cleansing diet.  No matter what the (non-medical) ailment is - some healing pro has created a method to deal with the demons within.

Have we found the cure to all of life's challenges? Can we all overcome obesity, laziness and bad habits? Is there anything we cannot control? 


In this week's parsha Va'eira we read about the beginning of the Exodus. G-d brings destruction upon Egypt in the form of the Ten Plagues.

When G-d promises Moshe that He will indeed free the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage, He uses four expression in His promise: I will bring you out; I will save you; I will redeem you; I will take you to Myself as a… Read More »

We the People

by Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn, Chabad Lubavitch of Wyoming

Much of the legal debate in this country surrounds the Constitution. “Is it constitutional?” is the common refrain to new and old laws.  Essentially, all Supreme Court cases hinge upon the principle of constitutionality.

The American Constitution, of course, was written – by and large – by the founding fathers of our country. We have, at times, added amendments to the Constitution. But, generally speaking, it is a body of work representing the thinking and values of the early thinkers of the United States of America.

The current civilization of America is a product of the founders and their Constitution. To this day, it remains the guiding document that … Read More »

True Kindness

The Pay it Forward concept gained popularity at the turn of the century, with the publication of the novel Pay it Forward, and even more so with the Pay it Forward film.  The idea promotes altruistic giving. Essentially, instead of repaying a loan or good deed to the original benefactor, it is ‘paid forward’ – that is to a third party. The original creditor forgives the loan so long as the debtor loans it to a third party. In the movie, the main character’s goal is to create a social movement, where people do three good deeds to others in response to one good deed performed to them.

Psychological studies have noted that prosocial behavior is increased through such schemes.  In fact, researchers have observ… Read More »

Acts of G-d

Ever reviewed the fine print of your homeowner’s insurance policy? Likely, there is a clause in it addressing – and possibly excluding coverage for – “acts of G-d.”

Acts of G-d are usually defined as events outside of human control which cannot be prevented. Examples include tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, volcanoes, severe hail, earthquakes and floods.

Insurance companies usually worship the mighty dollar. But, for certain events, they become earnestly religious and consider G-d to be the responsible party.

Do we believe in “acts of G-d”? Should certain occurrences be designated as different than others?


When Yoseph finally reveals his identity to his dumbstruck brothers, he tells them, … Read More »

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