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Rabbi Mendel's blog features his Dvar Torah (Torah lesson) column from the weekly E-TORAH, ocassional musings and other articles that he authors from time to time.
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The First Hippie

The Midrash on this week’s Torah portion of Korach tells us a fascinating motivation for Korach’s rebellion against Moshe and Aharon. We know that Korach’s mutiny ended in disaster, with the earth swallowing him and his closest associates (and fire consuming his outer circle). But what caused a man – who the Talmud calls clever – to rebel against the likes of Moshe? After all, wasn’t Korach present during the Exodus from Egypt, Revelation at Sinai and the many other miraculous events that proved Moshe was a divinely chosen leader? How could a clever man be so foolish?

The Midrash states that Korach was spurred by the law of the Red Heifer.

The Torah teaches that if a person becomes ritually impure … Read More »

Role Playing

I sometimes can feel like the baby in the famous story of King Solomon and the two women (see Melachim/Kings 1 Chapter 3).

With six children בלי עין הרע, a trip to the park is lots of fun. It can also be fraught with challenges. One of the greatest challenges is ensuring that each child has his or her time and place. One wants to play ball; the other wants to go down the slide; and a thirds wants me to push her on the swings.

When they complain about having me do this or that, I really wish I could be in two places at once. Because ultimately each one deserves his/her own time and particular age-appropriate activity.

I could easily tell them all to do the same thing, but I would be robbing them of their individual identity… Read More »

Cause for Applause

As we near the end of graduation season, we may be tiring of the constant applause. Yes, every student deserves the full credit, but some argue that it becomes monotonous and self-defeating to applaud for everyone. Congratulations are certainly due, but when should we applaud?


In this week’s Torah portion of Behaalotecha we find someone who did not applaud.

When Aharon (Moshe’s brother) witnessed the inauguration of the Mishkan by the princes – each of whom offered sacrifices – he stood by silently. Why didn’t he applaud?

Rashi explains that Aharon felt bad that he was not one of the participants. And G-d then informed Aharon that he has no need to worry: You will kindle the menorah every day, whic… Read More »

The LinkedIn Bubble

Many Wall Street observers are cautiously watching the stock of LinkedIn, the professional-social-media-network website. Although it turned a profit of only 15.4 million dollars last year, its IPO put the company’s valuation at $4.3 billion. Shares subsequently skyrocketed to a high of $92, making the network worth $9 billion.

This all leads to the great question, “Are we in for another tech bubble – and burst?”

Ultimately, what causes investor interest in a company that has yet to display significant earnings  is the potential to connect people in a new and profound way. In other words, this could be the next big thing. And if it is, let’s get in on it now because soon it will be making tons o… Read More »

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