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Campaign Promises

With midterm elections around the corner we are inundated on the airwaves, in our mailboxes and in newspapers with political ads. “Vote for me,” we are urged, “because I will change the way government works.” “Vote for me,” another candidate declares, “because I promise to restore ethics and accountability.” “Vote for me because I will do a better job than your current elected official,” pledges another.

The list goes on. As someone once mentioned, “It’s silly season in politics now.”

With debates and yard signs, every candidate is vying for our attention and, ultimately, our votes.

What will sway your decision on Election Day?


In the … Read More »

Just Getting Started

One of the great political debates currently raging in America surrounds Social Security entitlement. Contemporary thinking is that the Social Security fund will run dry soon if taxes (contributions) aren’t raised or benefits reduced. One of the passionate issues at hand is at what age people should retire. The question rages, “Should the eligibility age be raised?”

In other words, with longer life spans (thanks to modern medicine and health awareness), there is considerable thought given to keeping people in the workforce longer.

Indeed, there are many variables that affect this discussion and it would be remiss to draw a conclusion based on retirement age alone. The dialogue does, however, allow for… Read More »

Chassidic Mining

Newspapers and web sites the world over are abuzz at the miraculous rescue of 33 miners in Chile. The miners, trapped for nearly seventy days, were all brought to the surface successfully and reunited with their families this week. It’s a remarkable story of human perseverance, hope, faith, optimism and hard work.

And it’s also a lesson for all of us.

This week the Torah tells in Parshas Lech Lecha of G-d’s instruction to Avraham to “go to a place I will show you.” Avraham and Sarah went with faith that G-d was leading them to the proper destination. But more importantly, Avraham and Sarah recognized that they were embarking on a mission. They were going for a specific purpose.

And they imparted th… Read More »

The 120-Year Wait

I know a principal of a high school who told me that he always waits at least one full day before administering serious punishment to misbehaving students. That way, he explained, I know I am not acting out of angry impulse, but from measured discipline.

When I read this week’s Torah portion, Noach, and remembered that G-d asked Noach to build the ark to prepare for the flood, I learned a great lesson in patience.

G-d was angry with the behavior of mankind. He wished to destroy the world. He decided that He would spare Noach and his family, but the rest would perish.

Yet G-d does not mete out His plan for another 120 years! Yes, G-d waits one hundred twenty years before the flood actually begins. Certainly, G-d need not b… Read More »

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