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Locally available kosher wine includes the following:

Trader Joe's (in Boise and Meridian) carries about 3-5 types of kosher wine, including Givon, Baron Herzog, and Sarah Bee's.

Area Walmart Stores carry Bartenura Moscato (blue bottle).

The Boise Co-op has a small selection of kosher wines.

Albertsons Supermarket on Fairview and Eagle Rd. carries a small selection of kosher wine (typically 3-4 types including Baron Herzog and Israeli wines).

Local Albertsons and Fred Meyer Supermarkets carry Manischewitz wines.
Please note: Manischewitz Blackberry is not made from grapes. The bracha is Shehakol, not Hagafen. It is not acceptable to use this for kiddush.
Please note: Manischewitz Grape Wine is not usually Kosher for Passover. During Passover season, a special production is certified as Kosher for Passover. Please inspect the bottle carefully.

Note: Mogen David wines are available in some local supermarkets. This wine is certified by Triangle-K. Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho does not endorse this wine as kosher.