Chabad Indiana

A Bequest for Education

Mr. Michael Leon, Indianapolis, IN;

Mr. Michael Leon grew up in Indianapolis, coming from very a modest background.  After serving his country in the armed forces, he settled in his hometown, and started to earn a living.  He was not some business tycoon or any sort of ‘mover-and-shaker’ but rather a quiet and unassuming individual who never sought the limelight or glamorous honors.  He was content to have his circle of friends, and lived an honorable and simple life.

As he was getting older, he began to consider to whom to leave his assets.  He had no children, and wanted to use his money to improve the community rather than just have it passed along to distant family.  His passion was Jewish education.  Mr. Leon understood that as a community, it is our responsibility to transmit our heritage and Jewish values to the next generation.  While there are many vital and important charities involved in various health and welfare concerns, it is only the Jewish community that is charged with teaching Torah and Jewish culture.

Although Mr. Leon was not personally strictly Orthodox, he did cherish and value traditional customs and observances.  As such, after considerable deliberation, he chose to leave his bequest to Lubavitch of Indiana, for the purpose of Jewish education.  He was aware of our decades of service to the community, and was impressed by our dedicated rabbinic and lay leadership.  He had visited our camp, and had seen firsthand the excitement of our campers and devotion of our counselors.  He knew that his money would be spent carefully and wisely to further goals that he shared.

His bequest has allowed us to grow in our service to the community, and to heighten Jewish knowledge and pride throughout the state.  In this way, he will have a positive impact on Jewish life for years to come.