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Jewish & Hebrew Education for At-Risk Teens 


Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho established jHEART (Jewish & Hebrew Education for At-Risk Teens) to offer friendship, guidance and love to at-risk teens. jHEART focuses on teens in therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and wilderness programs suffering from a variety of behavioral and societal challenges, including ODD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Anorexia, Bulimia, etc.

With unconditional love and compassion - and through a myriad of activities - jHEART gives hope, inspiration, guidance and confidence to today's youth and adolescents.

Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz offers:

  • weekly enrichment visitation
  • holiday awareness programs
  • counseling
  • logistical support
  • familial outreach and liason
  • hospitality
  • classes
  • group discussions
  • Torah-based anger management sessions
  • strained relationship counseling and intervention
  • a constantly accessible helping hand.

 jHEART is active at several locations in Idaho.

Please contact Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz directly if you know someone at a boarding school in Idaho that is in need of a visit, counseling, or in need of Jewish resources. If you are exploring a residential treatment center or boarding school in Idaho or have any other concerns please contact Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz. All communication is kept in the highest confidence.

Chabad Lubavitch of Utah operates Project HEART, an independent sister program to jHEART. For more information about Project HEART's programs in Utah, please contact Rabbi Benny Zippel or visit www.jewishutah.com/heart.  

Please contact Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz to receive updates about jHEART.
You can make a real difference!  Please help support our activities for at-risk teens.